CUISH PRODUCERS OF ORGANIC MIXTURES SPR DE RI, is an association of mezcal teachers of Oaxaca, for that reason it has a wide diversity of agaves from different areas state producers.

The role of Mezcal in the communities is of the utmost importance for their traditions and some celebration of type is inconceivable religious or social without Mezcal. Therefore, our process is production 100% traditional and traditional, respecting the customs of the different towns of Oaxaca.

So in each bottle we can appreciate the pure perfumes and flavors of each variety of agave, which after 7 long years of maturation and in some varieties up to more than 20 years. They get to give us those amazing qualities.

It is known that Mexico is the origin of the agavacea genus and that Oaxaca has with the greatest diversity of agaves in the whole world, therefore CUISH PRODUCERS OF ORGANIC MIXTURES has always spread the biological and endemic wealth this through its Mezcalería located in the center of the city of Oaxaca. Being one of the first spaces in spread the wealth of Oaxaca as well as the vindication of Master Producers. Becoming already a reference for the specialized mezcalerías.

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