It is recognized that Mexico is the origin of the genus agavacea and that Oaxaca has the greatest diversity of agaves in the whole world. Therefore CUISH organic producers of RI SPR. Has always spread the biological richness and endemic.located in the center of the city of Oaxaca, was one of the first spaces to spread the diversity of agaves of the state of Oaxaca as well as the vindication of the masters producers.


Through our mezcalería located in the center of the city Of Oaxaca, Díaz Ordaz #712 co. Centro.  Being one of the first spaces in spreading the wealth of Oaxaca as well as vindication of the Maester mezcaleros. Becoming a well-known reference for specialized mezcalerías and mezcal lovers.

We offer specialized tastings for groups, personally directed by the Mezcaleros Masters who share stories about the production processes, the land and through the tasting of different types of agaves, we intend to explore the role of Mezcal in the Oaxacan communities. That is why our process is 100% handmade and traditional, respecting the customs of the different towns of Oaxaca.