Mexico is the origin of the genus agavacea and Oaxaca has the greatest diversity of agaves around the world. For this reason CUISH PRODUCERS OF ORGANIC MEZCALES has always disseminated the biological and endemic richness through its mezcalería located in the center of the city of Oaxaca, being One of the first spaces in spreading the wealth of Oaxaca as well as the claim of the Producing Masters.



Agave angustifolia / Sanitago Matatlán, Valles Centrales, Oaxaca

When you think of magueyes, the first thing that comes to mind is perhaps the memory of a Espadín: long blades like swords, thin, bluish green and a rosette that It takes off from the ground. It is one of the magueyes that best adapts to the different ecosystems so it is easily grown in various parts of the country, from Sonora to Oaxaca. The aromas of this mezcal are like the skin of an orange and wet woods. The flavors are slightly smoked and leaves a fruity aftertaste.



Agave potatorum / San Baltazar Chichicápam, Valles Centrales, Oaxaca

It takes around 10 years to cast quiote when it is held in the rocks. Agave of wide pads and spines grana. Its scientific nomenclature means maguey of the drinkers, their vernacular nomenclature means shadow maguey. It is one of the magueyes and more recognized mezcales in Oaxaca. The mezbal tobalá from San Baltazar Chichicapam has sweet aromatic notes, intense notes of cooked maguey. Its flavor is herbal, and it has a fruity aftertaste.



Agave cupreata / San José Río Minas, Mixteca Baja, Oaxaca

It means in Nahuatl maguey butterfly because of the shape of its leaves, wide, like the wings of the butterfly. Its scientific name is A. cupreata means copper agave, by color of his thorns. It is distributed along the Sierra Madre del Sur from the state of Michoacán to the eastern part of Oaxaca. It is a mezcal of lactic aromas and candies, and that has fruit characteristics on the palate.



Agave marmorata / San Luis Amatlán, Sierra Sur, Oaxaca

Its life cycle is commonly between 16 and 18 years when it throws a stem with flowers of a very bright yellow. In the Mixteca mountain ranges, he presents his colorations whitish of singular aspect. Its scientific name is A. marmorata which means maguey marmoreado due to these whitish colorations. The mezcal tepextate is commonly one of maguey with more complex aromas and flavors ranging from mineral and lactic, even the herbal and fruity.



Agave karwinskii / San Luis Amatlán, Sierra Sur, Oaxaca

Similar to a Tobaziche, but with the most abundant and disturbed pencas. It is one of the varieties of A. karwinskii more voluminous. Your rosette detaches itself from the ground because It grows on a trunk that rises high from the ground. It is an endemic maguey of the Sierra Sur de Oaxaca and the Central Valleys. Releases its inflorescence after ten years to be planted. Its aromas are always mineral, like the smell of sand. Is a mezcal with smoky taste and spicy notes.



Agave karwinskii / San Guillermo Miahuatlán, Sierra Sur, Oaxaca

Agave karwinskii species, characteristic for looking like a "maguey tree". It's leaves green-yellow with black spines. In the valleys of Oaxaca it takes to mature between 9 and 11 years. It is one of the sub species of the karwinskii species that has a lot of diversity morphological reason why different names have been given to it as madrecuish, barrel or cirial. The aromatic notes of mezcal cuish are mineral and herables, with a slight smell of pennyroyal. The palate is citrus, smoked and mineral.



Agave Americana variación Oaxacensis / Santa Catarina Minas, Valles Centrales, Oaxaca

One of the largest magueyes known. It is a sub-species that grows naturally only in the central valleys and southern highlands of Oaxaca. It takes in mature from 16 to 18 years old. Its large size makes it possible to produce a small batch of mezcal with just a few pentas of maguey. The arroqueño of Santa Catarina Minas, distilled in clay pot, it is a very fruity mezcal on the nose and on the palate with notes that they remind of plum and melon.

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